This could be an introduction. It could be a first post that has absolutely nothing to do with me. But that’ll be unfair if nobody knows who I really am or what I look like.

A friend once told me that I have the kind of beauty people don’t see until they get to talk to me or have a discussion with me or simply hear me speak. It might be true. Or false. Depending on what your definition of beauty is.

I’m God’s. I’m a god. I’m female. I’m black. I’m African. I’m Nigerian. I’m a Miss. I’m a fashion enthusiast. I’m simple.

I’m not  a racist. I’m not a vegetarian. I’m not a feminist. I’m not colour blind. I’m not predictable.


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  1. deewantucx says:

    This could be just a first comment. It could be one of those statements written just to hype you but that would be unfair if nobody knows who I honestly think you are.
    I’m glad I at least know you. You’re amazing. You’re nothing less.
    and you write well.

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    1. oyinaraoye says:

      Thanks. And I know that’s genuine.


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