Some Sundays ago, I was in church for an anointing service. I had served in the security unit ( this is weird. You know how your legs take you to places instead of your head? That’s how I joined the unit. I just walked and bam! I’m now a member) for the first service and listened to the preaching during the second. I had, tucked away in my bag, my offering of 20 naira, sealed inside a 10 naira worth envelope. That was how rich I was. And I was going to walk home  because taxi was a luxury I dreamed about in my sleep then. But I wasn’t bothered, because as it turned out, faith is all you ever really need in life.
As the anointing bowl passed by me, I put two fingers in it and then placed it on my forehead. Now, this was the time to pray and break every generational curse or pray concerning all the troubles that brought you to church. I started praying, but I was sure it wasn’t even passing the ceiling because my mind wasn’t in it. But just then, I looked down at my bag, picked out my purse from it, and anointed it. Then I said a little prayer to God ( I was sure he heard me this time ). I walked home after the service, ate, and started planning on the shortest route I could take to work without people noticing that they’re beginning to see too much of me. I got a free ride that Monday from my boss after walking half way. On Tuesday, the sun went on a break so walking seemed fine to me. On Wednesday, I was all sweaty and almost angry when I got to work. That Wednesday, I got my salary that wasn’t supposed to be ready until two weeks later.
Now this is the part I can’t describe in words how I felt that afternoon.
All I simply did was talk to God and make Him know that I know He matters a lot. All I did was reference God. I just talked to Him like my Dad. Told him what was up and asked for guidance and solutions. I didn’t know what was coming. Of course, I had different pictures of what could have been in my head. But I knew none was part of what He had in mind.
I just simply believed.
Talk to Him and tell him what you think is wrong. And then wait for Him to reply you. He does, trust me.


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  1. deewantucx says:

    Reblogged this on Samuel Agbede and commented:
    The power of “simple trust”. Wow. God bless Oyindamola!


  2. keriva says:

    And here I am several months later. Still reading the blog, rummaging every word, ruminating every single piece. hoping with that the winds would carry my wishes to the blogger where ever she was. And that she would see the words the winds carry on their backs. “A new piece” was my message. And again. here. I am waiting

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    1. oyinaraoye says:

      There is a new piece. I hope you like it.


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